Robo 2.0 OR Enthiran 2.0 first look teaser released

Robo 2.0 First Look Poster

First look of the movie Enthiran 2.0 in tamil and Robo 2.0 in Hindi is released. This upcoming Shankar’s movie is much more above in its expectation level. All audience where eagerly waiting for the movie.

When comes to Sankar there is much expectation and if there is Superstar Rajnikanth then what will be score of expectation. Wait wait.. There is one more thing in the movie. The Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is playing as a villain in the movie. Yeah the score doubles right now.

Dont think too much lets watch the first look teaser of the movie Enthiran 2.0. Here is the youtube teaser videos of the movie.

First look poster of the movie in which we can see Akshay Kumar is amazing. He has a brand new look of an evil guy. His eyes where sharped, has long nails and looks like a devil in figure. Lets watch the video.

Watch the first look poster of Akshay Kumar here:

Watch the first look poster of the movie here: