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Achamindri Tamil Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 2.5/5

Achamindri is the tamil movie in theatres at the end of 2016. The movie directed by Rajapandi is a message-oriented film and stars Vijay Vasanth, Samuthirakani, Saranya Ponvannan etc.

Sakthi played by Vijay Vasanth is a pick pocket. Sathya is a straighforward cop which is played by Samuthirakani. Sakthi’ss girl friend Malarvizhi is played by Srushti Dange. Sathya too has a girlfriend and is played by Vidya Pradeep.

Their lives turns upside down when Sakthi unexpectedly robs a purse of goon and Sathya’s girl friend is murdered. The movie starts with the murder of education department official by a bomb blast. All these cases have a common connection and how they reaches to conclusion is the plot of the story.

The movie is too slow in its first half. First half comprises of many love scenes, unwanted songs and lots of comedy sequences where we laugh barely. For good, the second half of the movie is somwhat engaging. Climax of the movie is as usual and is full of messages.

Samuthirakani after his cop role in Visaranai had played very well in this movie. Vijay Vasanth is good in his character and Shrushti looky pretty but has usual heroine role in the movie.

Radha Ravi is a good asset of the movie and he once again proved his excellence in acting. Saranya Ponvannan has a different and variety character role in the movie and she made it very well.

Cinematographer A. Venkatesh has done a good job in his field and Praveen KL editing make the movie a watchable one. Songs composed Premji were good but misplaced very well throughout the movie.

Overall the movie is a watchable one with bit lagging and dont expect a fast thrilling engaging experience throughout the movie.