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Baaghi 2 Hindi Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 2.8/5

Disha Patani and Tiger Shroff starrer movie Baaghi 2 is in theatres from today onwards. Let’s go for the review.

The plot of the movie is quite simple like any love stories in the film industry. Both Disha and Tiger were in love but they got separated and Disha is married to someone else while Tiger joined the army.

What unites them again is Disha’s daughter who got kidnapped by someone and Disha seeks help from Tiger. The action begins there and goes on.

The main highlight of the movie is action. The action of the movie is at top notch. The editing of the film is very good and done in such a way that the actions were enough to get thrilled.

The climax of the movie has a suspense element but was easily predictable. The action scene at the end of the movie is too lengthy also.

Tiger has improved a lot from his previous movies. His acting was good compared to other movie and what he has to figure out is on his dialogue delivery.

Disha is a beautiful queen paired with Tiger and she has done her part very decently in the movie. Randeep Hooda, Deepak and Manoj Bajpai who had the miniature role in the movie also done their part.

Overall Baaghi 2 is a good movie to watch this weekend. The overall action entertainer is enough for you to have a hot popcorn in theatres.