Basheerinte Premalekhanam Malayalam Movie Review & Rating Poster

Basheerinte Premalekhanam Malayalam Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 2/5

Basheerinte Premalekhanam a movie directed by Aneesh Anwar starring Farhan Fazil and Sana Althaf in lead role is in theatres this weekend. Lets go for the review of the movie.

The movie is based on romantic life of Basheer and Suhra in year 1980 where there were no television in the village. The only television in the village comes to Suhra’s house and Basheer is the only one to fix any problem in it.

When Basheer meets Suhra ate her house and the movie starts their romance and we start to see how their love story is framed all over.

Farhaan Faasil who played as Basheer done an okay performance only. This was his second movie, but there is lot to improve from his part.

While Sana Althaf done a decent performance in the movie. Her performance is not the best, but was good and has shown some justice to the character.

Manikandan Achari is the one who rocked with his performance in this movie. His oldie look and his emotional scenes were superb. Joy Mathew is another man who has done a near perfection role in the movie.

Shinod, Shamseer and Bibin are the writers of the movie script. The plot they tried to portrait was good, but failed through its execution.

Director Aneesh Anwar used his best effort to make the movie interesting and entertaining. But some how it failed to work. Music by Vishnu Mohan Sithara is excellent and the camera editing work of the movie needs special mention.

Final words on this movie is disappointing. When I heard some songs of the movie, I thought it will be a good one. But I was disappointed. Sometimes you people may like the movie, I just figured out my part.