Clint Malayalam Movie Review

Clint Malayalam Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 2.5/5

Clint is the latest malayalam movie released this week in theatres with a real life story of a boy.

The movie is based on the real life story of the child prodigy Edmund Thomas Clint, who passed away at the age of six, leaving behind a treasure trove of critically acclaimed paintings.

Master Alok is playing the role of Clint while actor Unni Mukundan and Rima Kallingal as father and mother of Clint.

When comes to performance Unni Mukundan struggled in many faces of emotions and dialogue delivery. But is one of his best characters and performances so far.

Rima Kallingal was one of the best performer in the movie as the mother of Clint named Chinnamma. Joy Mathew as a doctor was good.

Renji Panicker as writer V K Nambiar, Vinay Forrt as artist Mohan, KPAC Lalitha as Onamma and Baby Akshara as Ammu also add to the charm of the film.

Director Harikumar has introduced too much drama scenes in the movie. But he tried a honest attempt in narrating the colorful life of the little artist.

One drawback I found is that the biopic of the little artist focuses only on first half and when comes to second half it shifts from him.

The movie is watchable one to know about the child what we have already known through reading and some extra struggles to save his life.