Coffee With D Bollywood Movie Poster

Coffee With D Hindi Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 2/5

Coffee With D is the bollywood release of this week. The movie stars Sunil Grover, Anjana Sukhani and Zakir Hussain in lead roles and is directed by Vishal Mishra.

The plot of the movie is known and is exactly revealed through the trailer of the movie. A leading journalist trying to interview the most wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim. The criminal Dawood plans to give interview for the guy and pledge that he will kill the journalist in the live interview itself.

Yeah the main plot is known and what happens throughout the movie. Will Dawood kill the journalist or is there any other twist is the remaining question.

Sunil Grover is playing as the lead journalist named Arnab Ghosh and his wife role Parul is played by Anjana Sukhani. Actor Zakir Hussain is playing the role of Dawood or D, most wanted interpol criminal in the movie.

The plot of the movie Coffee With D is promising but didnt work well for the movie. The bad script, no good dialogues, absense of directional qualities are the fallbak of the movie.

A movie which has some journelistic features should have good dialogues. If the makers of the movie are trying to give comedy entertainer movie, then they should try to bring it in correct pace.

After the release of the trailer, many of the audience expected some good, fresh and quality entertainer movie. It will be a complete waste for those who are wacthing the movie with such expectaions.

Performance of Sunil Grover and Zakir Hussain was good but the movie dont have any life without a good script.

The movie is not recommended for those who are expecting dashing entertainer movie. Watch the movie if you have enough time to kill.