Dangal Hindi Movie Trailer Poster

Dangal Hindi Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 3.5/5

Dangal, the movie stars Aamir Khan in lead role is in theatres now. Before reviewing the movie understand one thing, the latest Aamir movie is not another Sultan.

The comparison of the movie with Sultan started after its first trailer released. Just forget about Sultan, both the films had a common thread i.e, Wrestling. This doesnt mean that both movie are same.

Lets speak about Dangal now. The movie is trying to tell the story about father daughter relationship.

Mahavir the role played by Aamir Khan elder daughter Gita completed her training to win national games for India and she returns home. Here Mahavir finds that her daughter is completely changed. She is more confident, ambitious, better skilled.

Mahavir is not impressed with the training skills of Gita and her behaviour changes. He thinks that his training is better than the newly training methods acquired by Gita. Their comes the clashes and the fight starts with father and daughter. What goes is the plot of the story.

All of you have enjoyed the songs composed by Pritam through youtube. The music and lyrics of the song is really superb and apt for the movie. Thanks to Pritam and lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya for giving a wonderful musical experience.

We know all are going to watch this movie surely because of Aamir Khan. Yeah this is undoubtedly an Aamir Khan movie but full credits goes to the director Nitesh Tiwari. He handled every scenes and also managed the main plot of the movie. The narration of the movie was well portraited.

Aamir hooked up with his performance. The girls who play the young Geeta and Babita are remarkable simply because they make these characters identifiable. Aamir makeover of different stages in the films keeps every audience’s eyes on him. Just forget about that watch the girls too for their performance. They also have done their best in the movie.

X-mas and New Year is on, Dangal started rolling on and the movies collection is counting on. Lets hope for a new record in movies collection list.