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Dora Tamil Horror Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 2.5/5

Dora is the latest tamil movie in this week and is one of the latest horror flick in which actress Nayantara is playing the lead role after her horror flick Maya.

The movie revolves around actress Nayantara and a car bought by her. The car which she had has some mysterious history and some supernatural power in it wants to take revenge against three criminals and uses Nayantara for it.

A parallel investigation story is also happening in which the cop is in search for criminals against a rape and murder case. How these investigation and Nayantara’s revenge for the ghost takes place is the plot.

Actress Nayantara done her part very well. The movie is in her shoulders. Everything was fine for the movie. But the lagging story narration element in the movie ruined everything.

The background score and sound effects developed for the movie was good. First half of the movie is very lagging and the second half changed the pace of the movie.

The movie started thrilling when it reaches to the end. The main scaring factor for a horror movie is absent.

Audience expect movie like ‘Maya’ from Nayantara’s this latest flick. Therefore expectation level is high. But everything has gone wrong.

Director should have focus on the horror factor and also try to make lead actress role more bolder.

Anyway the movie is one time watchable one. Dont expect much from the movie.