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Honey Bee 2.5 Malayalam Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 2/5

Honey Bee 2.5, starring Aksar Ali, brother of Asif Ali is released today. This movie tells the story inside another movie location. Lets go for the review.

Vishnu, who is an aspiring actor and his effort to get into movies as an actor is the main plot. Unfortunately, we can gues the rest of the happenings in the movie.

Only one variety thing to be noted in this movie is that the story is taken in the location of the movie Honey Bee 2. The movie which recently released as a sequel of the superhit movie Honey Bee.

Honey Bee 2.5 isn’t one of those fabulous films, but it outshines Honey Bee 2 and also has a far more engaging story. Honey Bee 2 was a failure because of week script.

What about performance of our debut actor Aksar Ali will be the next question. Askar Ali hardly has the charm to make us feel for that character. A guy who is struggling to get a chance and is always kicked off should present an impressive performance. But failed.

Lijomol, saved her role by her beautiful and natural performance. Lal, Jean Paul Lal, Bhavana, Asif Ali and many others in the cast and crew of Honey Bee 2 are appearing as themselves in the movie.

Music by Deepak Dev was good and had an average cinematography with an ok editing.

Overall the movie will be no good treat for this weekend. Just watch at your own risk.