Kammara Sambhavam - 2018 Malayalam Movie Poster

Kammara Sambhavam Malayalam Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 3/5

Kammara Sambhavam, the much-awaited movie is in theatres and we are going to say how the movie is and is it worth to watch for this weekend.

Janapriya Nayagan Dileep is playing the lead role Kammaran Nambiar in this movie. Tamil actor Siddharth’s is debuting to Malayalam film industry through this movie. Namitha Pramod plays the love interest of Dileep in this movie.

The movie has a single plot twisted in two ways like two sides of a coin. The first half tells the story Kammaran in a negative way and the second half is just opposite.

I liked the first half of the movie than the second half. It doesn’t means that the second half is not good. This half deserves a storyline like that to convey the message what director was intended to. There is little bit lag in some parts of the movie.

The direction of the movie by Rathish Ambat was good enough and had made a decent debut in the field of direction. Suresh Urs’ editing and Sunil KS’s cinematography is the heart of the movie. Every scenes and shots of the movie were pleasing good. Background music of the movie was good but the songs were only average.

Bobby Simha, Murali Gopi, Shweta Mohan, Manikuttan, Vinay Forrt, Siddique, Indrans, Vijayaraghavan etc. are the stars in the movie.

Actor Siddharth made a decent entry to the Mollywood his look and performance was very good. Dileep who is the lead also done his best in the movie through his 3 different looks.

Namitha Pramod was okay in her role and actor Murali Gopi has done his role very well. The foreign actors in the movie have also shown a decent performance in the movie.

Final words. I liked the movie in some ways. But this is a kind of movie which will get both negative and positive reviews. In my opinion its a one-time watchable movie.