Katamarayudu Telugu Movie Poster

Katamarayudu (Kattamarayudu) Telugu Movie Review & Rating

Ratin: 2.5/5

Katamarayudu (Kattamarayudu) is the latest telugu movie starring Pawan Kalyan released this week. The movie is remake of Ajith starrer movie Veeram. Lets see what does Pawan Kalyan version offers.

The movie starts with five brothers of whom Pawan Kalyan is the elder brother. Pawan Kalyan controls his village and do good things for his villagers with some violence.

Pawan Kalyan believes in no marriage because he thinks that if any girl enters their brothers life then is will affect their brother hood. But three of his brothers is already in love and all the brothers decide to marry their brother.

During this time they find Shruthi Haasan who enters the village for a cultural programme. Brothers decide to join their brother with her. One way they confess each other their love.

But Shruti Haasans family is different from Katamarayudu. They hate violence and how he satisfies Shruti Haasans family is the rest of the story.

The movie is a family, sentimental and action packed movie. For Pawan Kalyan Fans this movie will be like Diwali. The soul of the movie is the power star.

Shruti Haasan had some little role in the movie, but done very well in the movie. His four brothers and actor Nassar done their part very well.

Kishore Kumar Pardasani added some elements to satisfy telugu audience from the exact story of Veeram. Anyway it doesnt ruined the movie and its base plot.

Overall the movie will be a worth watch for Pawan Kalyan fans. Watch the movie on your nearest theatres.