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Logan Hollywood Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 3/5

Logan is the latest installment in the 20th Century Fox superhero lineup, and is said to be the last film Hugh Jackman will appear in as Wolverine.

The movie which is in theatres now is recieving positive responses from all around the world. Lets get into the review of the latest wolverine movie.

The movie Logan is set in the backdrop of year 2029. This is the year where the mutants are going extinct. All the X-Men characters we have seen in all the installments are aged in this movie.

Logan is living a normal man life by driving a limousine. Debutant Laura Kinney/ X-23 (Dafne Keen) at 11 is the main and central character of the movie.

She had claws like Logan and we see Logan in her. Laura is hunted by Donald Pierce and inorder to save her Logan and Xavier joins together for their mission planned by Donald. What goes on is plot of the movie.

Director James Mangold needs full credits for such a different superhero movie. The movie is also splendid with fabulous performances by Jackman, Stewart and Keen.

The actions choreographed for the movie is completely thrilling. The movies cinematography and editing were good. The more impressive technical feature is its background score.

Overall the movie which is the 3rd and last installments feels like a realistic story than the superhero movies. Dont try to skip this movie by thinking that you are not a fan of these comics. From my point of view the movie can be watched by anyone.