Majnu Telugu Movie Poster

Majnu Telugu Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 2.8/5

Majnu starring Nani and Anu Emmanuel in lead roles is the movie released this weak. Directed by Virinchi Varma is produced by P. Kiran and Geetha Golla. Director and cast claims that this movie will be a fun entertained love story. Lets see what it is.

Initial part of the movie is so simple and is easily predictable. A boy named Aditya fall in love with a girl named Kiran. The newly joined lovers break up for a simple reason. Then Aditya falls in love with another girl in Hyderabad named Suma. Next portion is where the twist comes. Aditya finds the girl whom he first loved is none other than his latest lovers cousin. What follows next is the plot of the story.

Nani plays the central character Aditya and the character he played is a cake walk for him. He is the soul of the movie. His expressions, humour, love, emotions were superb. Anu Emmanuel made a decent debut in the movie and managed to do her role at very best as Kiran. Vennela Kishore and Priya Shri also played their part very well in the movie.

Special mention of the movie is its climax. Director Virinchi Varma handled the climax in an interesting way. Gyanasekhar who handled the cinematography has done a great job. Gopi Sunder has composed good songs for the movie.

If your choice is to watch a simple entertaining movie then this movie is one good choice. Majnu is a one time watchable movie and please enjoy the movie in your nearest theatres.