Marupadi Malayalam Movie Review & Rating

Marupadi Malayalam Movie Review Poster

Rating: 3/5

Marupadi a malayalam movie starring Rahman and Bhama in lead roles is in theatres. V.M. Vinu directs the movie for the screenplay written by Juliana Asharaf.

The movie’s story is taken from some real life incidents which tells the story of a family who continuosly faced many problems of law and law keepers in North India.

Aby, Sara and Riya are the three sentral characters of the movie played by Rahman, Bhama and Baby Nayan Thara respectively. Abby who is a bank manager with his wife Sara and daughter Riya shifts to Kolkata on transfer.

Their life changes when they reach there. They faces law and some other unexpected tragedies occur their and how all these stuffs come to an end is the plot of the story.

Director V.M. Vinu is well known for his movie Balettana and Vesham in the beginning of his career as a director. Last few movies released were not so successfull in the box office. The movie Marupadi is a great comeback for him in the industry.

Story, screenplay and direction of the movie Marupadi was perfect. Every scenes of the movie has its realistic features. Director V. M Vinu tried his best and succeeded in portraying real life incidents in the movie.

Rahman who is having a full length role in the movie didnt waste his character role in the movie. His performance will be in mind forever after watching the movie.

Bhama and Baby Nayan Thara also done their part very well. The emotional scenes of the family were heart touching. Other artists like Santhosh Keezhattoor, Tessa, Janardhanan, Anu Sithara, Sudip Mukharjee etc has shown justice to their roles.

The music by M Jayachandran, editing by Mithun and cinematography by Venugopal show their excellence in the whole movie. Finally the movie Marupadi is another heart touching family entertainer from Director V.M. Vinu.