Paavada (Pavada) Malayalam Movie Review & Rating

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Rating: 3.5/5

Prithviraj’s 2016 starts with the movie Paavada malayalam movie. His last movies released in 2015 was very successfull is continues its journey till now in the theatres. Will he continues his successfull journey in this 2016 is the next question. Lets check what the movie is upon and will it be a successfull Prithviraj movie.

Pampu Joy is the character role played by Prithviraj in this movie. He is alcoholic and got married to a nurse. His relationship with wife is not so good due to his drinking habits. So he joins a deaddiction center to get relief from this drinking habits. The movie becomes more interesting when Babu Joseph a retired proffesor enters his life. The role is played by Anoop Menon. What happens to them is the rest of the story.

The movie completely focuses on Prithviraj and he is the soul of the film. His comic scenes were super. There are many rumours that his body language and expressions doesnt suite for comedy roles. The opinion changes when we see Prithviraj in this alcoholic role. Anoop Menon has one of the best role in the movie and he has done his part. Maniyan Pilla Raju stood along with Anoop Menon and Prithviraj in the movie. Asha Sharath and Miya George were the other actors who needs special mention for their performance. The movie has lots of supportion actors including Sudheer Karamana, Sharafudheen, Sunil Sughada, Murali Gopi, Sai Kumar, Biju Menon and Nedumudi Venu etc. They all have done their best part in the movie.

The first half of the movie is completely filled with comic sequences. The silly life of Pampu Joy was shown in the first half and the audiences will be in a entertaining mood. First half ends with a suspence and have a second half with sentiments and awesome climax.

Cinematography of the movie by Pradeep Nair was okay and has a good background score by Gopi Sunder. The movie has some variety good songs composed by Aby Tom Cyriac and were apt for the situations and its feel. Director G. Marthandan has delivered a good entertainer movie with Prithviraj in this season.

The movie is a must watch for those who loves good cinemas. The movie conveys a good message and our actor Prithviraj’s succefull journey continues in this 2016 also. Watch the movie and enjoy guys…

Reviews From Our Visitors:

The movie pavada was awesome. it is totally a thriller. first half is average but end with a twist. phrithviraj is brilliant as pambu joy. salam rajuvetta. all the best for upcoming movies. ~ Sabu Chandran