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Richie Tamil Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 3/5

Most awaited Nivin Pauly’s tamil entry movie is released and the fans were eager to know the review and how well it worked for Nivin in a new industry. Lets go for the review.

Everyone knows that the movie is a remake of Kannada movie ‘Ulidavaru Kandanthe’ which made lots of buzz in that industry. This fact is the main challenge for the movie. If the movie performed well or not, audience will definitely makes a comparison with the original one.

Story moves around Richie, who is a rowdy and had a bad childhood when commits a crime and then spent mostly in a juvenile home. A journalist who comes to know about him and what follows rest is the plot of the story.

When comes to performance, Nivin had done very well in the character Richie. But one of the flaw I flet is his tamil language. Yeah it sound similar to Malayalam mixed Tamil.

Shraddha Srinath got a little screen space in the movie and done her part. Natty Natraj is good. The rest of the cast are just okay. Prakash Raj, Raj Bharath, Lakshmi Priyaa Chandramouli, Aadukalm Murugadoss, Elango Kumaravel etc. are the prominent faces in the film.

When talking about the movie, a mixed version of evaluation comes. Gautham Ramachandran directed this remake in a pretty decent way. The detailing which we can see in the Kannada movie is missing here. But it doesnt effect the overall plot of the movie.

Music, editing and cinematography of the movie is a plus point of the movie.

Overall the movie is a watchable one. The first half is little bit slow but the pace will change after the interval and will start to love the movie till the climax.