Sathya (Satya) Malayalam Movie Review & Rating

Sathya Malayalam Movie Review Photo

Rating: 1/5

Sathya (Satya), the last malayalam movie directed by Diphan is in theatres. The movie had only little scope to survive in theatres since the trailer and the song released were decent flop and recieved lots of negative reviews.


Defining the plot of the movie is very difficult. No one gets any idea about the movie and where they are heading to. In simple we can say Jayaram is having a task to take a lady with him to Goa. Anyway you have to find the mass cool from the movie by yourself, if you have that much patience.


There is no point of view in explaining about the performance of the stars in the movie. All of them doesnt have any good role or challenging characters to perform. They did only what they were already doing.

Story & Direction:

Incomplete story and incomplete direction. No more words.


The movie Satya surely will never survive in theatres because of its nulliness. Actor Jayaram should not try a movie like this. It will spoil or affect his career badly.

We dont want many movies from talented actor Jayaram. Just one is enough, but should be a one we can kept in our mind for a while.