Singam 3 Movie Review & Rating Poster

Singam 3 (Singham 3 or S3 or Si3) Tamil Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 2.8/5

Singam 3 (Singham 3) is the latest tamil movie which stars actor Suriya in title role. The movie is one of the much awaited movie of actor Suriya since 2016. Now the movie is in theatre.

Actor Suriya as Durai Singam which we had seen in the previous sequels is different right now. He is going abroad to solve his latest crime with full action packed entertainer.

The film is set in the backdrop of a volatile situation in Telugu states after Telangana was carved out of Andhra Pradesh. Durai Singam is called in from Tamil Nadu by the AP government to investigate the murder of the police commissioner of Vizag, as the state police department shows no progress in the case.

How Durai Singam solves the case and how he steels the show forms the plot of the movie.

Suriya is the backbone of the movie. It is only his character Durai Singam is giving publicity for the movie. Anushka is Singam’s girlfriend in the last 2 sequels of the movie. In this sequel she is Singam’s wife and Shruti Haasan is another actress who have a character like Hansika Motwani in Singam 2 has.

We had a comedy entertaining character played by actor and comedian Vivek as Erimalai in the previous sequels. Here in this part in place of Vivek we have actor Soori. Soori worked hard to produce laugh at audience. But didnt worked well.

The story, presentation, loud background score, aerial shots and close ups in the movie Singam 3 are again the same as in the previous films. The story of the movie is simple and quite predictable. One of the highlight of the movie is its climax fight and chase. The stunts were well chorographed by the stunt director.

On the whole the movie is looks like a masala movie. If you are looking for and action entertainer, then defenitely you will love this movie.