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The Transporter Refueled Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 2/5

The Transporter Refueled, a fourth installment of the movie The Transporter is a movie without Jason Statham. Movie is directed by Camille Delamarre. Ed Skrein as Frank Martin steps into Jason Statham’s signature role in this new installment. The movie is getting negative responses and reviews from several areas.

Frank Martin is living a quite less dangerous life in his present times. His main job is to transport some packages to his clients on a strict dont ask dont tell basis. He also doesnt check what his client name is. When the job is done and the cash is paid, the chapter is closed.

But one day Frank is approached by a girl named Anna played Loan Chabanol for some transportation. Anna actually changes everything in his present life and get him into a dangerous job. Frank is forced to do so when he finds that his father played by Ray Stevenson is being held hostage by Anna. What Frank do to get saved from them and how he meets situations, what job is he forced to do, what comes the outcome is the story of the movie.

Compared to the last three installment, this movie isn’t a good movie. Ed Skrein is a new comer had tried his best to make this movie upto the level. He also tried to play a rough and tough character like Statham. But while Statham looked like a genuinely rough-and-tough bruiser its hard for someone to be like that. He also lack the physic of Statham.

Negative reviews of the movie comes mainly because of the replacement of Statham in the movie. Secondly the movie lacks a good thrilling action sequences. But actions in the movies are not too bad. It feels so only if we compare to other franchises.

The movie is not completely avoidable one. Those who likes most of the action movie can watch this movie without any high expectation.

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