Thodari Tamil Movie Trailer Poster

Thodari (Rail) Tamil Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 2.5/5

Thodari is the latest tamil movie released in this week. The movie directed by Prabhu Solomon presents Dhanush and Keerthy Suresh as lead characters in the movie. Karunakaran, Thambi Ramaiah and Ganesh Venkatraman are other stars who is playing good roles in the movie. This movie is also released in telugu as Rail. Lets see what’s the movie is about.

Movie plot belongs to both love and action category. Love between train pantry worker played by Dhanush and a film makeup artist played by Keerthy Suresh is one part of the movie. Other part is its action and the thing is that the train is hijacked by some terrorist to kidnap a minister.

The train is unstoppable and the whole episode of love and action is inside the train till the end. How the movie ends with these romance and action in an unstoppable hijacked train is the rest of the story.

Actor Dhanush is best in this movie as a pantry worker boy. Keerthy needs little bit improvement and has shown one of her best performance. Radha Ravi sir was superb and the comedy sequences done by Karunakaran and Thambi Ramaiah was ok in the movie.

Cinematography of the movie is good but there are some special effects which is very poor. It destroyed natural feel of the movie. Music composed by D. Imman was good but the editing of the movie is minus point for the movie.

Prabhu Solomon has a good theme in his hand, but he failed to use good technical team and poor dialogues which has no impact or feel is the main con of the movie. Romantic song and scenes from hero and heroine at the top of the train when the train was hijacked is not logical.

Somewhere and some part of the movie is good, but overall it is not so nice. Watch at your own risk.