Tubelight Hindi Movie Review Still

Tubelight Hindi Movie Review & Rating

Rating: 3/5

Tubelight which is one of the much awaited movie this EID is in theatres. The man with many number of movies in 100 crore clubs is set to add another movie of his into it. Lets see if it happens or not.

Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Zhu Zhu and Matin Rey Tangu are the lead stars in the movie Tubelight, directed by Kabir Khan. Laxman Singh Bisht nicknamed as Tubelight is the role played by Salman Khan in the movie.

Tubelight, the movie which is inspired from the Hollywood flick ‘Little Boy’ directed by Alejandro Monteverde tries to say if you have faith and hope then you can achieve anything in this world and here in the film Salman tries to stop a war.

If you are expecting a movie like Bajrangi Bhaijan, then you will be disappointed. I am not comparing the movie with BB, but trying to say that our Salman’s performance is below average compared to that movie.

Sohail Khan who played as his brother and the scenes with Salman were okay but didnt give an impact. Sohail has to bring some expressions in his face.

We see our Om Puri, and this was the movie where he appeared last and delivered a nice performance. Child actor Matin Ray Tangu is extremely cute and talented has done a better performance. Similar cute performance recieved from the bollywood debuting actress Zhu Zhu.

The scripting of the movie is very weak and lacks some emotional impact. First half of the movie was ok but the second half is too stretched. The movie has some hilarious and cute moments but can’t say was worth for watching.

Overall the movie from Salman-Kabir Khan for this EID is just a good movie. If you are a die hard fan of Salman Khan then you will feel good. On the other side it will be just a movie to watch this EID.